UX Design Mastery is a site dedicated to helping professionals make the transition to a User Experience design career from different fields so that they are more fulfilled at what they do.

You might be wondering whether User Experience is even the right fit for you?

Should you learn to code?

How to get started?

Do you really have to go back to school or can you teach yourself?

Or maybe you just feel overwhelmed with the amount of confusing information online.

These questions and concerns eventually become a huge source of anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt.

If you’ve ever had these thoughts, you’re not alone.

And better yet, you’re in the right place! I’m here to show you exactly what to do.

This site has real practical advice from seasoned designers at the top of their craft and personal experiences from my journey as a designer.

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Side projects to build your portfolio without experience

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And some UX starter packs to get you going

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About the founder

Coming from a Masters degree in HCI, Calvin Pedzai is an awarding winning analytical problem solver who enjoys crafting experiences for the end user. He has worked as a Financial services software developer, UX analyst and currently is the Senior UX designer at the largest eCommerce platform in South Africa.