Recruiter Evaluation of Bre Huang’s Portfolio Case Study

Today, I will visually take you through how recruiters evaluate a portfolio case study. This a portfolio review of Bre Huang’s internship case study titled Uber Scooters Platform. I chose this case study because despite being an entry level project, it is presented really well. Bre is a product designer, illustrator, and animator based in San Francisco and working at Uber Design.

Let dive in.

I would bring in Bre for a design interview. From this case study alone, Bre Huang’s strengths lie in the graphical and user interface side of things. And that’s not a bad thing as their passion visibly lie there. Despite having done usability testing there was no section dedicated to it nor the iteration based on user feedback. There is a lot more focus on icons and illustrations. A UI role would definitely be better suited but they may be trying to move in UX so I would not mark the application down based on that.. 

Key takeaways:
– Have a good summary for recruiters who do not have much time
– Avoid text heavy sections. They will not be read fully.
– Show sketches, photos, rough wireframes if you have them
– Present screens in a coherent manner through use numbers, annotations, and use of arrows
– Include relevant projects in the portfolio for recruiters to make an informed decision

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