Your invitation to Your first 1000 Instagram followers Coaching Group


I know how hard it can be to get noticed on Instagram.

I have created an amazing community of 100K followers from scratch over two years.

It’s hard to get recognized for your best work.

It’s hard to stand out as it feels like there are so many designers on Instagram.

It’s hard to consistently create and post stuff people will like.

It’s hard to get people to follow your account.

It’s hard to find the first few paying customers for your work.

And the list goes on and on.

There’s so many things that you COULD be doing, like using hashtags, posting religiously, liking other people’s posts and asking for likes…

…but what SHOULD you be doing to go from your current following to your first 1 000 Instagram followers without getting lost in research, and what’s totally unnecessary and will just get you stuck?

What are the strategies that actually WORK, and not just for one person that got lucky with them… but for anyone that executed on them?

That’s exactly what I’ll cover in my upcoming membership course

Your first 1000 Instagram followers

This will be a course specifically for designers who want to build a loyal following on Instagram and hopefully make some cash along the way.

The BETA version of the course will work like this:

  • It’ll be a 15-day intensive program with a small, intimate group of online designers like you.
  • We’ll have a few group live calls where we’ll cover the key strategies for growing a loyal following on Instagram.
  • I will be closely reviewing your work and progress, and give you specific tips to grow.
  • Use of tools and checklists to make life easier
  • We’ll also have a chat-based private community where you’ll be able to chat with me or other beta students directly, so you can progress with your Instagram account even faster and reach out for help when you need it.

NOTE: This won’t be a full-on, professional videos and stuff online course. It’s a beta course, which means my main focus will be on working with you guys and helping you succeed, not on creating fancy videos and PowerPoint slides.

Of course I will create a fancy, full version of the course in the future, and when I do, you’ll get complimentary access to it as a beta student..

Now the whole point of this program is to make you guys successful, and I’ll make sure I go the extra mile of making that happen.

If we need to have a few extra group calls, we’ll do that.

I’ll be there to help you succeed with every step of the way for the 15 days, and I’m committed to turning you into my next success story.

I probably won’t be able to offer this kind of access in the future, but with my first students of a new course I always make sure they get ALL of my attention.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the program:

  • Specific, proven strategies to actually getting your first few followers
  • How to develop a great positioning for your work in one afternoon that will potentially help you get paying clients.
  • How to find a “good enough” posting routine, without overcomplicating the process and spending weeks creating the perfect post.
  • The fastest ways to getting new followers on autopilot using tools
  • Plus whatever you guys will want me to cover :).

Now if you’d like to join the beta program, all I ask you is to do one thing: do the work. This means that you’ll go through all of the steps that we cover and put them into action, complete your homework and send it to me regularly.

I’m only looking for the most committed students for this beta course, so if you feel like you don’t have time for it right now, it’s probably not the right fit.

But if time is not an issue and you’re ready to dig in and do the work, I’d love to have you in the program!

The price for the program is only $40, which includes the 15-day beta program plus access to the full finished course (that will be $150) once it launches.

So what do you say?

Are you in?

Let me know you are interested by filling in this Waitlist survey

Calvin Pedzai

Analytical problem solver who enjoys crafting experiences and currently is the Senior UX designer at an awarding winning agency.

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